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Top 10 most beautiful streets in Singapore

  Jie Ng     2023-03-26

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Singapore, a country that is like summer all year round, the streets always exude the warmth of summer. These streets are not only beautiful, but offer opportunities for food, entertainment and cultural immersion.
Get your camera ready, explore some of these streets and feel the romance !!

1. Blair Road

The streets are lined with shops from different eras. Cafes, galleries, beauty salons and various shops. The tiles of different colors collide with the murals, which is very beautiful. Lush vegetation transforms the street into a work of art
No matter how you shoot it, it looks good!

2. Amoy Street

Colorful shutters. Countless small restaurants and bars. This street can satisfy almost any food you want. After work, if you don’t know what to eat, you can have a lot of choices when you walk here.

3. Kreta Ayer Road

Tree-lined one-way streets lined with offices, cafes and shops. There are also historical heritage hidden in it, galleries, former residences, and personal collections make the street more charming

4. Trengganu Street

The most interesting street in Chinatown, there are some performing arts groups performing here from time to time
Interesting trinkets, antiques, and lacquerware on the street are very worthwhile. There is also a Chinatown Cultural Center, which children can visit

5. Bussorah Street

The colorful Haji Lane is enhanced by the striking Sultan Mosque. Murals and artwork are spread throughout the street. There is also Singapore's first outdoor art gallery, Gelam Gallery.

6. Koon Seng Road

Famous for its colorful Aboriginal Chinese terrace houses, If you want to take a day hike, start from here and explore museums and cuisine on your way to the east coast. Eating and taking photos is the best way to enjoy.

7. Yong Siak Street

Houses with unique decorative art styles, every tree and plant here exudes a quaint charm, but there are also cafes with an "Instagrammable" vibe everywhere. And there are awesome art galleries too. Spend a long afternoon sipping coffee.

8. Duxton Hill

Tranquil tree-lined streets during the day transform into a bustling nightlife scene at night, perfect for a laid-back date night.
Mexican food paired with craft beer will instantly make you feel like you are in another country.

9. Petain Road

More than 230 stores, designed in a Balotte style. Enjoy local delicacies here. Recommend authentic Mexican dishes

10. Kerbau Road

The most prosperous road in Little India, this vibrant ethnic gathering place. There are the most authentic Indian dishes, Indian cultural sites and countless street art.

Come and check it out !

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